Rotary Inter-Country Committee Turkey-Ukraine has 2 country Chairs. Mr Mithat Sucouglu from Turkey and from Ukraine Mr. Lars Vestbjerg.

In each country there is a committee (chaired by the country Chair) typically with members from clubs that are involved in activities and development of the ICC in both countries.

The committee consist of min 3 members and without any limitation of how many members it can have.
2 times per year both ICC committees are meeting online or offline to discuss plan for each new Rotary year.
There are no rules for how many committee meetings the ICC country committee must have, it is entirely up to the committee to decide.

Committee members:

Mithat Sucouglu

RC Kusadasi

Fevzi Tavus

RC Izmir

Toygan Tunca

RC Manisa

Rezzak Kanag

RC Balikesir

Cengiz Ergudenli

RC Manisa

Olcay Erbay

RC Marmaris


Lars Vestbjerg

RC Lviv International

Umair Rafique

RC Lviv International

Olha Paliychuk

RC Cherkasy

Svetlana Bilous

RC Cherkasy



Olena Almazina

RC Kharkiv Mriya

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